This amazing trip was recently arranged and led by Michele Cohen. Please contact us to find out about future trips.

EthiopiaKnown as 'The Roof of Africa', Ethiopia is a land of surprises, with superb trekking and a rich cultural heritage. From the capital, Addis Ababa, we fly north to Gondar, with its astonishing array of medieval churches and castles.  The real journey begins a few hours drive away, where we enter into the spectacular Simien Mountains, which comprise several high plateau bounded by gigantic eroded precipices. Seven days of trekking lead us through a land of natural wonders and of rare wildlife, including the Simien Red Fox, the striking Gelada Baboon and the majestic Lammergeyer. Passing several villages, notable for their carefully tended farmland and friendly people, the trek reaches its climax at the summit of Ras Dashen , 4533m, where the views extend northwards to Eritrea.


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