Sunday, 21 July

Cruise & Group Travel Specialist

A native of Vancouver, Harry has been involved in the travel business for 14 years, specializing in luxury cruising. He is an experienced group escort, having escorted groups for Virtuoso in the Mediterranean, Alaska and the South Pacific.

A veteran of over 30 cruises on itineraries as diverse as New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama Canal, Caribbean, South America, Russia and the Mediterranean, Harry has also branched out to soft adventure travel with Safaris to Kenya and Tanzania, and tours to the Galapagos and Machu Piccu. More recently, European river cruising has become an integral part of his business. His strength is in customizing your travel needs. Whether it is a Safari in Africa, a Villa in Tuscany, or a luxury cruise to exotic ports, Harry will be pleased to bring it together to make your dream adventure a reality.


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