South America, Luxury Cruise & Yacht Specialist

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and post-graduate studies in Travel and Hospitality Management. He is not only fluent in Spanish, but English, French, Italian and Portuguese as well. With such skill, Santiago has travelled widely and comfortably within North & South America, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Africa and Asia.

For over 10 years now, Santiago has perfected his extensive travel knowledge through designing and personally escorting small-group luxury tours throughout Spain, Portugal, Morocco, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Santiago’s personal service, individual care and expertise suit the most discerning travelers. His name opens doors, and guarantees value and access to unparalleled alliances throughout the world.
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Latin America Custom Tour & Adventure Specialist

Michele has spent much of the last 15 years exploring Latin America: over 9 months hiking through Patagonia; 6 months learning Spanish and doing voluntary work in Guatemala; leading countless groups to Machu Picchu and other regions of Peru; travelling through Ecuador and Galapagos for two months; and the list goes on! She even led a group in the remote Colombian Andes. She admits to having not been to Paraguay.

She also has expert knowledge on altitude concerns related to the region, and has led groups above 5000m more than 30 times.

She is passionate about the continent and specialises in making custom and group itineraries in all countries, mixing active, cultural and boat travel. Tours may include luxurious resorts, local boutique hotels, eco-lodges and camping to provide the right experience for the individual.

Visit her website to view her fascinating photos: wanderingheights.com

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