new-zealand-bikingBiking doesn’t get any more epic than New Zealand. Or more beautiful. The greens of Ireland. The skyscapes of Switzerland. The friendly feel of, well, New Zealand. It’s where glaciers get cozy with rain forests. Where the Tasman Sea surf pounds an Oregon-rugged coastline. On a bike, you’re in the middle of it all. Ocean mist in your face. Ever-changing natural beauty through your sunglasses. Island-fresh air in your lungs to complement that bit of sweat on your brow. Here the sheep have it made. This week, they aren’t the only ones. 


new-zealand-biking-mapTrip Highlights

  • Epic biking at its best in one of the world’s greatest outdoor playgrounds
  • Glaciers meet rain forest meets crashing ocean coastline
  • Travel by train across the South Island
  • Dramatic varied scenery, finishing in a pinot-growing wine region
  • Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand


Departing from Christchurch

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