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CEO & Owner
Luxury Travel Advisor

Don Renshaw Jr. is the CEO of Renshaw Travel. Don has more than 40 years experience in the travel industry and he has developed an extensive expertise in the luxury travel market. His global network of contacts allows him to bring the best of travel experiences to his clients including uniquely designed trips to his favorite destinations such as India, China, Hawaii, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, and the South Pacific Islands.

As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, Don’s expertise lays in creating luxury, tailor-made packages ranging from two-week cultural journies to Around the World trips by a private jet. Don is a wealth of knowledge and enjoys sending people to experience all the wonders of the world. Despite his busy schedule, he is always open to meet the clients personally, so if you stop by Don's office in Kitsilano you are sure to be greeted with a warm an open smile. Learn more about the Renshaw family


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Luxury Travel Advisor

With his extensive firsthand knowledge of the world’s finest luxury travel products, an incredible “black book” of industry contacts and a passion for delivering unique and memorable experiences, David Lowy has carved a niche in the travel industry.  In October of 2011, David became the first non-American to be appointed to Travel + Leisure Magazine’s Advisory Board and then in December of 2011, David was featured in the cover story of Luxury Travel Advisor in which he discusses his two luxury brands – Astrada and Astrada Jets.

F.I.T. Europe, Luxury Hotel Specialist

Julia Kostina was born in Russia and holds a degree in architecture. She changed her career path in 1994 and started working as a professional travel consultant, opening up her own travel agency in her home city and passionately building up her expertise in high-end travel. Once she moved to Canada in 2003, she joined Renshaw Travel as a specialist in luxury F.I.T. Europe. Today, having more than 17 years of experience in travel business, been a privileged guest of numerous worlds' best hotels herself, she truly is a connoisseur in the luxury hotel area. Successfully building close relationships with hotels and their key people, Julia insures that her clients are getting the most personalized and exclusive treatment where ever they go.


Wellness Travel Consultant

Born into the family business her grandfather started, Carly had no choice but to grow up reading travel brochures and hand delivering flyers. It’s fair to say it wasn’t her favorite job at the time, but she managed to come through it with a love of travel intact. Like many children born into a family business however, Carly had other interests that she desired to explore before starting a career in the travel industry.


Specialties: Custom Tours and Adventure Travel

Michele's passion for adventure travel was fuelled when she gave up the world of high finance in  London for the high mountains in the Himalayas. She decided to learn Spanish and explore Latin America, where she spent 18 months discovering the continent, from Guatemala down to Patagonia, working for a charity, leading trekking groups, hiking through the Andes, watching the wildlife, and meeting the people.
From there, she knew the only job for her was in travel.


Holistic Health & Wellness

Jessica is third generation in her family’s boutique luxury travel company in Vancouver Canada, Renshaw Travel. Founded by her grandfather in 1948 Renshaw Travel is the perfect place for Jessica to pursue her passion of Wellness Travel.


Leisure Travel Specialist

Originally from a small city in South of France, Stephanie developed a huge interest for foreign culture at an early age. Her craving for learning new languages leaded her to choose Japanese Language as her major at university in her home country.
But as her desire to step into an entirely different culture was extending, she left France for Tokyo where she stayed one year taking at the same time the opportunity to travel within the country and also South Korea.

Back to France, she was looking for the best way for her to share this passion of travel. It’s how she joined the Renshaw Family combining her envy to help people to live the kind of wonderful experience she has lived by going abroad with the discovery of a new country as she has never been to Canada before.

She will be happy to help you with any inquiries, you can reach her at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


South America, Luxury Cruise & Yacht Specialist

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and post-graduate studies in Travel and Hospitality Management. He is not only fluent in Spanish, but English, French, Italian and Portuguese as well. With such skill, Santiago has travelled widely and comfortably within North & South America, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Africa and Asia.

Corporate Travel Specialist

Danielle and travel are like two peas in a pod. Was it having a father as a Canadian Airlines Captain that influenced Danielle to work in the travel industry or was it learning how to walk on a plane that did it? Whichever the reason, Danielle’s passion for travel is undeniable!

Africa, Family, Adventure & Club Med Travel Specialist

At the age of 22, Pam left her Ontario hometown to embark on a journey of a lifetime. She first went to South Pacific and eventually made her way via cargo ships and banana boats to Australia, where she found herself with no ticket home and only $50 to her name.

Cruise & Group Travel Specialist

Linda’s impressive cruising and travel experiences have taken her to the Northern Baltic regions, down-under to Australia and New Zealand, over to Tahiti, Mexico, through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean. She is a firm believer in the value of cruising and her motto is: “There is something for everybody on a cruise and it is all about having the right guest on the right ship”.

Corporate Travel Specialist

After a six-year adventure full of sailing the waters of Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean, Karen returned to Canada with a desire to sell travel. This travel veteran has since acquired over 20 years in the travel industry.

China Travel Specialist & Guide Leader

Lisa’s passion for travel began at an early age when she worked as a tourism journalist in China. This experience helped Lisa discover her enthusiasm for this dynamic industry. She next volunteered as a tour guide, and obtained hands on experience in group tour planning.

Cruise & Group Travel Specialist

A native of Vancouver, Harry has been involved in the travel business for 14 years, specializing in luxury cruising. He is an experienced group escort, having escorted groups for Virtuoso in the Mediterranean, Alaska and the South Pacific.

Cruise & Land Package Travel Specialist

Dave and Bev have been working in the travel industry for over 10 years. They initially started up as travel consultants in Abbotsford, where they soon became known for their great attention to detail and their knack for getting good deals. Through a family connection, Dave and Bev joined the Renshaw Travel team in 1999.

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