Of course you can plan your own vacation through the internet but what happens when flights are cancelled or other unforseen events alter your vacation?  The person who hold the keys to 'making it right' is your travel advisor.  They know the industry and the right contacts to not only create a seemless experience but to go above and beyond for you.  Checkout the 5 reasons below and see if they resonate with you!

couple-in-love1. Personalized Planning
When you collaborate with a travel advisor, your trips will be tailored to your needs, interests, and budget. Emily Howard Slater and her husband worked with an advisor on a trip to Greece. "Each place we went and stayed was different, and she considered all that," says Emily. "We ended in Santorini, and she even knew the exact room to request to maximize the view. It was a perfect trip."

2. Global Expertise And Connections
Virtuoso advisors have relationships with people around the world who can arrange experiences that make a trip truly extraordinary. Zach and Parker Morse have worked with an advisor on several trips, including their honeymoon to Africa. "When you think about the nature of a trip to Africa with all the logistics and the extraordinary amount of choices, we wanted someone who really knew what to do when you're there," says Parker.

3. Value For The Money
A Virtuoso advisor has access to the same (and often better) pricing than you can find online, and can secure special perks you can't get yourself. Elise Muhawi worked with a Virtuoso advisor on her (destination) wedding and honeymoon. Initially, price point was a concern – but as the planning began, value became the clear difference in working with an advisor. "Working with an advisor was a lifesaver," says Elise.

4. VIP Treatment
A Virtuoso travel advisor can get you exclusive access to events, private tours, and other extras. Dahlia Mannarino and her new husband woa-travel-advisor-is-a-good-guiderked with an advisor on a trip to the South Pacific. "There were just so many little things throughout, these personal touches," says Dahlia. "There would be champagne in the different rooms we checked into, courtesy of him. There were upgrades. It was a dream experience."

5. Peace Of Mind
In addition to saving you time and money, your advisor is available 24/7 before, during, and after your trip; you can relax and have fun. Carter Drewry and her husband got to the airport for a big trip. His passport was water-damaged, and he wasn't allowed to board. In tears, they reached out to their advisor. She saved the day.


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