Rocky-Mountaineer-View-webTraveling is about expressing your passion. To live in the moment and take on the world. What better way to do this then taking an adventure in the Great Canadian Outdoors! Rocky Mountaineer is a Train with 65 unique experiences to visit the iconic natural spots of Canada, such as the world renowned Rocky Mountains in Alberta. This adventurous journey will take you into rich natural wonders of lakes, forests and more. Immersed in majestic mountains with wildlife all around you, you will feel like you have entered the true outdoors. Not only does this rail system have the most stunning views in stops like Jasper or travelling the exhilarating Hells Gate but it can all be done in luxury style. The Goldleaf Service aboard will ensure nightly stays at deluxe accommodation, gourmet food and glass domed coaches but it's all done with exceptional Rocky-Mountaineer-Service3-webservice. Enjoying panoramic views of Yoho National Park or the Columbia Icefields will give you an experience like no other. The natural parks of Canada are filled with history and character guaranteeing you will fall in love with what you are seeing. This trip isn't complete without a stop to the well known Lake Louise, the crystal blue waters and dense West Coast forests cannot be fully captured by pictures as the relaxing and rejuvenating feeling of being there is truly a Canadian Gem.


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