white desert antarctica luxuryI always associated a visit to Antarctica with cruising the Drake Passage from the Southern tip of Argentina, surrounded by ocean. I suffer from wretched seasickness, so never thought I would reach the 7th Continent.

Until now! There is another dramatically different way to visit the coldest, driest, windiest of continents. White Desert is a pioneering company that has made visiting the forbidding and rarely seen interior of Antarctica a reality for hundreds of visitors, and I was fortunate enough to be one more.

white desert logoWhite Desert’s Luxurious Camps are situated on land and glaciers in the mountains of Queen Maud Land. In all this remoteness you eat delicious gourmet food - served with fine wine pairings; sleep in a heavenly bed; and relax in comfortable lounges: decadent living indeed! Despite the luxurious comfort and warmth, this is a trip for those with a sense of adventure, and there is a lot of adventure to be had.

white desert micheleThe program starts in Cape Town, when you board your flight to the last continent in a Gulfstream private jet or private Airbus plane. The 5-hour flight takes you soaring over thousands of icebergs, to land into a pristine world of snow, ice, and rock, where the sun does not set for months, and time loses all meaning.

From the exclusively private jet runway, called Wolf’s Fang, you transfer to one of two exclusive and luxurious camps: Whichaway, with the warmth and style of an explorers’ camp; or Echo, a brand-new futuristic camp, inspired by the seminal age of space exploration. Both offer a warm welcome, the staff are incredible, they cannot do enough to make everyone feel like they will never want to leave. It is hard to forget where you are, but also hard to believe where you are.

The trips are 6 or 8 days in duration, with no more than 12 guests. During your visit to the interior of Antarctica, you can enjoy a range of activities: one day you may be walking on snow and ice, or rappelling off a dramatic rock face, or ice-climbing – under the leadership of up to 3 top qualified mountain guides who accompany each group. Perhaps you prefer to ski on the endless ice plateau, or fat tire bike along groomed snow tracks. Peace and serenity can be found on gentle hikes, or just relaxing in a comfortable lounge, taking In the dramatic vistas.

What is the most important room while on vacation? It's the last room the ki20191119 195307ds leave to hit the beach or pool… The Aloha suite at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea enables the family circus to set up and put smiles on faces with ease.

The Renshaw family recently enjoyed a weekend at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming and brought home great experiences, funny stories, and a little yeehaw....

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(Photos by Jessica)


I was fully present on summit day. I was so focused on my breath and moving one step at a time that I was completely embodied by this sunrise. My emotions walking along the crater rim from Stella Point to Uhuru Peak were incredibly powerful! I couldn't stop crying from the beauty that was surrounding me. That feeling will be forever imprinted with me as it was one of those days where I felt truly alive. I experienced every moment (whether I was feeling nauseous, dizzy or elated) with heightened sensitivity. Just amazing!

Jessica Renshaw


March 2013
Arizona is the perfect getaway in the middle of winter for us Vancouverites. I escaped Vancouver just before a rainfall warning hit the westcoast. After a quick 3 hour flight I arrived to Phoenix, a destination with 330 days of sunshine a year! I rented a car for the week and travelled around the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and then headed north into the areas of Jerome, Carefree and Sedona. The Scottsdale area is home to many luxury resorts and I was able to visit 7 Virtuoso Properties.


The Islands of Hawaii are magical. A small group of industry colleagues arrived at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea and finished the grand experience at Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina.  Both properties have their own style and 'the story' of each resort shines through in all facets.  The welcoming feeling that glowed from the staff throughout the resorts made the experience personal and wholesome.  The food..... amazing. 

When you book your stay at any Four Seasons Resort, our affiliation as a Preferred Partner gives you value added amenities that you can enjoy on a daily basis.  Click here and sign up for our newsletter and discover what is waiting for you.

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photos and copy: Neal - Marketing Manager

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

See and be seen – or find hideaway-style sanctuary – along the golden crescent of Wailea Beach. Inhale the fragrance of plumeria as you dip into our adults-only infinity pool. Or set out to explore the island; we’ll customize each step of your journey, then welcome you back to unwind in the most spacious accommodations on the island.


maui-revealed6In Vancouver, from January to March I get a craving for sunshine and warmth something only a sunny destination can satisfy. I went to Maui for a dose of sunshine and a hit of adventure.  As soon as I arrived I smelled Maui’s sweet, nourishing air and was in bliss driving with the windows down all the way to my home for the next 10 days in Haiku. Haiku is the spiritual hub of Maui where the ex-pats fuse with the locals in the jungle surroundings.

In October of this year, I took my family to this unique resort with our two young children and it's left us relishing in the experience with our kids chatting up the pool, the garden, and the wild turkeys.  The layout of the property creates a peaceful atmosphere whether you travel as a family or a couple. The nearby village of Carmel By The Sea is a gem to be explored with the beach at the base of the village - great shopping and restaurants.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this great resort! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Adult Pool at the Main Lodge

Ecuador-webEcuador-Ama la Vida
Ecuador is a jewel of a country located on the middle of the Earth. This country, about the size of the state of Oregon, is home to 14 million people, 25,000 species of plants and 1663 species of birds. As seen in its name Ecuador (Equator) is host to the closest point to the sun which is located at the top of Chimborazo Volcano. Ecuador is made up of 4 distinct regions. They are the Amazon, the Andes, Pacific Coast and Galapagos Islands. All areas are distinctly different and are special in their own way.

After a few weeks of working at Renshaw Travel as an intern from Germany, it was time for my first adventure in Canada outside the beautiful city of Vancouver. When looking at the highlights of Canada in brochures, websites and other platforms you are always confronted with the beautiful landscapes and lakes of the Canadian Rockies, especially in the National Parks of Banff and Jasper. So it was obvious for me and my girlfriend Carla, who studies for one semester at Capilano University in Vancouver, which place in Canada we want to visit first. Another aspect of travelling to the Rockies as soon as possible was the pressure of the incoming winter, which obviously would mean a lot of snow on the roads and in the parks, and limited access to the natural sights.

TruckEventually, after the plans were made we picked up our rental car in Surrey on a Thursday evening in September, and were quite surprised when we realized with what kind of car we had to drive the nine hours into the province of Alberta. Instead of a small Toyota Yaris which we had actually booked, we were presented a Dodge Ram truck, beautiful to look at, but as high in its fuel consumption as you would imagine when looking at it. We didn't bother and started our adventure into the mountais good-tempered. 

canada-tourWhen I travel abroad I always come home to Vancouver with a greater appreciation for my city and Canada as a whole. However, this trip I was able to be a tourist in my backyard, Western Canada. I travelled with my sister and we took a 7 day trip from Vancouver to Calgary and return. The first 5 days were part of a Rocky Mountain Trip. We spent the first night in Vancouver at Fairmont’s Heritage Property Hotel Vancouver. This castle in the city was built in 1939 and is located in the heart of the shopping, business and entertainment district in downtown Vancouver. The next morning we boarded the Rocky Mountaineer train in elegant fashion. The Rocky Mountaineer allows you to be taken back to a time where train travel was all that existed!

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