chewton-glenCarly and I recently experienced a Detox in the Trees at Chewton Glen. Chewton Glen is an English original luxury country house and Spa hotel. It is set in 130 acres of Hampshire Countryside and located on the edge of the New Forest and just a few minutes to the sea. This tranquil location was an inspiration for the hotel to build 6 contemporary Treehouses with 12 suites, in a secluded valley just a 5 minute walk to the main house and spa.

Before our time in the countryside we spent one week in the heart of London. During our time in the city we attended a conference, toured around, stayed out late and indulged in afternoon tea all while wearing heels. Therefore, downtime in the countryside was most anticipated. As soon as we arrived at Chewton Glen for our 5day/4night stay we felt like it was our first time taking a deep breath in a week! As soon as we arrived we greeted by the hotel’s incredible hospitality team. We were escorted up to the Spa where we met Kerry the Spa Director. She went over the “Detox in the Trees” program that we would be taking part in over our stay. We were debriefed on the two day juice cleanse, multiple spa treatments, daily Nordic walks, daily group meditation and Qi Gong classes and the Emotional Freedom Technique sessions.

chewton-glen-treehouse2We then were transferred over in an electric cart to our accommodation in the Maple Treehouse. We immediately fell in love with our accommodation. It is contemporary and modern but still has a country home feel. The Maple Treehouse has 2 bedrooms, and my bed was up in the loft accessed by a ladder. We put on the wood burning fire place while our dinner was delivered…it was a luxurious picnic!

Our food outside of the 2 day juice cleanse was simple whole food, alkaline meals avoiding dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. I found the 2 day juicing gave my body a nice break to regenerate. Sometimes during my daily routine in Vancouver I catch myself overeating especially if I am holding stress. I find I hold my stress in my digestive system and can be a candidate for bloating or intestinal pain. Therefore being in nature, chilling out, allowing myself 5 days away from internet and my Smartphone was a treat for my digestive system and my overall sense of peace.

chewton-glen-treehouseThe spa treatments were very nourishing as well. The therapists were kind and had a gentle demeanor. It was very easy to be comfortable. Personally I love any physical treatments. I experience really stiff muscles so any massaging is very beneficial for me and makes me feel my best.

I spent my downtime in the sauna/steam room, beautiful indoor pool or hydrotherapy pools. As well, during the detox we were encouraged to journal for emotional release. I am a big advocate of journaling because it allows me to clear my mind and write down any pressing issues that are hindering me from enjoying the present moment.

We will certainly be going back to Chewton Glen. For anyone visiting London, it is worth it for peace of mind to spend a little time in the countryside before returning home.

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