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Jessica is third generation in her family’s boutique luxury travel company in Vancouver Canada, Renshaw Travel. Founded by her grandfather in 1948 Renshaw Travel is the perfect place for Jessica to pursue her passion of Wellness Travel.

Jessica has travel in her blood and after finishing her honours degree in Kinesiology and her personal training certification she joined forces with her sister as a Wellness Travel Consultant. Together they have created their own Wellness Travel Brand - The Renshaw Wellness Collection - which highlights unique and transformative travel experiences, the best Wellness Resorts/Hotels in the world and the creation of bespoke wellness journeys.

Working as a Wellness Travel Consultant Jessica has noticed how people light up when they speak about their travel experiences; they can remember every detail, the sights, the smells, the street names even months or years after. She sees how impactful travel can be on a person’s life and believes strongly in using travel as a catalyst to help achieve a healthy, balanced and happy life.

Jessica’s interests include aspects of Holistic health ranging from fitness to yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. She also believes strongly in nature's therapeutic qualities and the healing powers of water. Travel allows Jessica to learn about ethnomedicine as it enables her to gather firsthand knowledge of traditional medical practices in different cultures around the world.

In October 2013, Jessica started the Vancouver Chapter of Young Travel Professionals, a travel network for millennials working in the hospitality and tourism industry.

What is a Wellness Travel Consultant?
Most people when they hear the  career title Wellness Travel Consultant they want to know more, so let’s take a closer look. Health/wellness is one of my core values but what really does wellness mean? Wellness for me is doing things I love everyday with people I love (whether those are people I have known for years or a new friend I just connected with!). It is learning new things and exposing myself to new cultures and practices. As well it incorporates feeling physically and mentally strong through good nutrition practices, cardiovascular and weight bearing exercise and relaxation time. Travel is a big part of wellness for me because it allows that necessary break from my everyday habits and reminds me to take time out of the busy societal rat race to PLAY! Sometimes we (as society members) get stuck in old patterns. These old patterns that do not serve us anymore may be found in our relationships with others, the relationship with ourselves, and in our working environment. Typically, it is not until we are unhappy or have a degenerative disease that we take the time to ask ourselves why? I like to be proactive and pose the question to everyone, “what makes you happy”....ok now do it! Wellness is a subjective term and will mean different things to different people. I am here to be your guide and to collaborate on making your travel and wellness goals come true! By studying kinesiology, coaching sports, attending yoga conferences and nutrition lectures and reading books upon books about health I have formed a supportive network of experts in the health field. And by joining the family business, Renshaw Travel, I have a global network of travel professionals and services at my fingertips.

In terms of planning a wellness centred trip with me the possibilities are endless but here are a few things that might spark your interest:

  • Glamping: Glamping is “Glamorous Camping”; five star camping in remote wilderness destinations.
  • Active Adventure Holidays: See your favourite destinations in world by foot, bicycle, kayak, river raft or scuba dive.
  • Relaxation, detox and yoga retreats: Take a much needed break from your 9-5 business regime and work on yourself!
  • Educational Tours: Learn a new language or new skill that you just haven’t had the time to do.
  • Bucket List Holidays: How about doing that African Safari, Galapagos Islands Tour or Antarctica Cruise you have been dreaming about?

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