F.I.T. Europe, Luxury Hotel Specialist

Julia Kostina was born in Russia and holds a degree in architecture. She changed her career path in 1994 and started working as a professional travel consultant, opening up her own travel agency in her home city and passionately building up her expertise in high-end travel. Once she moved to Canada in 2003, she joined Renshaw Travel as a specialist in luxury F.I.T. Europe. Today, having more than 17 years of experience in travel business, been a privileged guest of numerous worlds' best hotels herself, she truly is a connoisseur in the luxury hotel area. Successfully building close relationships with hotels and their key people, Julia insures that her clients are getting the most personalized and exclusive treatment where ever they go.

Combining her passion for architectural design and travel, Julia can recommend accommodation which suits you the best in every corner of the globe. She can help you create your own oasis of comfort, home away from home when you are on travel. If you ask Julia which place in the world is her favorite after all these years being in business, she will not think long before saying "Italy!"  And that is where her hotel connections can do real magic for you. Her personal approach keeps loyal wide circle of her regular clients located from Paris to Singapore, and from St Petersburg to Johannesburg. She is also frequent to consult Virtuoso hotel department and to participate in hotel advisory boards. www.604bc.ca


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